FIFA 17: Complete Guide to defend well

You tell us to defend well on fifa 17 , simply exercise good old  aggressive pressing as detailed in this article .Certainly, it is effective 2 times out of 3, but this technique becomes quickly ineffective  f ace to experienced players. In addition, between us, it turns dry in combat games of flies. It stinks and it kills illico fun game.

After you have 11 wins and only the matter, feel free to abuse it. For others, those who want to learn to control their defense , these tips may be useful. FIFA 17 Cheats

FIFA 17: While defending - the 6 basic principles

Let's dive into some defensive reminders not to keep in mind:

1- Stop squeezing and sprinter like a nag


We saw it in intro, automatic pressing on FIFA 17 is a double-edged sword . Easy to apply, simply for the opponent to pick the right time to remove your player and enjoy a boulevard. Above all, the automatic pressingcreates holes in your defense , that will be easily operated by a seasoned opponents minimum.

A good dry cleaner must be done manually , ie with players you control. For example, you can ask one of your players to press R1 or RB and take control when he gets near the ball carrier to attempt a standing or sliding tackle.

Same with the sprint button. Do not keep your finger tense on R2 / RT as your defender at full speed logically will take longer to slow down and change direction quickly. Also remember to release the sprint button andslow down with L2 / LT , which is also the key that puts the physical impact in your speeches - which is rather convenient.


2. Anticipate inside hooks (towards the axis of goal)


Mostly on FIFA 17, your opponents will use wingers faux-foot , or if you prefer the left from the right and vice versa, right-handers the left wing to better return to the surface on their right foot and adjust your guardian.

To defend, so always keep in mind that your opponent line in lane will try at one time or another to pick you inward and return to the surface. A sure to anticipate, in order to let your opponent retreat into his lane on the wrong foot, like a common Robben lost on his right flank. Astuce FIFA 17


3- Use the sliding tackles


Good news, the slipped tackles are finally effective on FIFA 17! Obviously, this technical procedure requires some precautions to avoid fault. For example, your defender should ideally be facing the ball to tackle .

On the sides, this gesture can be triggered earlier on a player sprinting along the line . Your challenge, then intersects the trajectory of the ball and allows you to recover properly.

Finally, remember that the sliding tackle to its name and its scope may be quite large. It is therefore possible to trigger even if you are away from the ball, provided of course appreciate the timing.

Last, for sliding tackles: logically, your supporters or media recovery will be more effective on this type of intervention, an offensive player unaccustomed to this kind of gesture.

4. Beef up your game - the power of L2 / LT button


It is well known, the defenders are rarely poets. In FIFA 17 is the same. We'll have to elbow defend effectively.For this, have the reflex L2 / LT!

Press L2 / LT button when you want your player to physically impose eg in a duel shoulder against shoulder.In this case, a P ress L2 whenever your player is in touch with his vis-à-vis to slow down and pass it before. 

Attention you can not sprint and hold L2 at the same time.  If you hold these both buttons , you trigger what we call in FIFA, the super cancel , which allows for total control of the player in relation to AI.

Defensive position, the combination of L2 and R2 (or LT / RT) does not pose a real problem on the contrary, it seems even more effective in impact between two players. By cons, remember to release L2 when you want your player accelerates.

L2 button held down  without pressing other buttons, also allows your player to put his body in opposition to protect the ball . Please note, this does not work every time. If the opponent is strong - such as Diego Costa - even when your defender risk of being heckled.


5. Select your players manually with the knob R (3)


By default, AI gives you the hand on the player closest to the ball. Perfect for lazy, but completely unplayable if you want to progress in defense. To remedy this, go to the settings / personalize the / select air balloons on Changing Auto line.

As the name suggests, the AI ​​lets you choose the player you want to run, except on air balloons, which it will select for you, the player best placed to intervene.


The rest of the time it will be up to you to select the player you want to run either using the knob R and pointing in the direction of the desired player or with L1 to get hold of the player most close.

video Player






6. Play with a low defense (remote)

An article already published on the site with all  the benefits of playing FIFA 17 with a remote defense , with the parameters to use. If you are not using this system at ease, do still exceed the 60 pressure / defense tactics in your personal team. This determines the point at which your team block will start to squeeze. 100 being the maximum.


These are the basic principles to know to defend well in FIFA 17. Let's see, the game situations that occur regularly and defensive techniques to be adopted.


FIFA 17: While defending against attacks on

The against-attacks are frequent in FIFA 17 particularly following corners in your favor (even a recurring defect that EA should correct). The first advice we can give is to avoid these situations occur (not the hefty council?).

Several adjustments to make for this:

1- Tell your fullbacks to stay behind

If you realize during the game your opponent likes to go through the wings with fast players who fly into the back of your fullback party to attack the goal, do not delay. In team management, go to instruction - select a fullback by clicking the X or A, then in offensive Races, choose "Staying behind in attack."


2- Let one of your circles behind attack

This will prevent your central defenders find themselves lonely face opposing offenses in case of attack against.


also careful not to ask your midst supposed to stay behind to draw the corners. If he does, he must logically leave his post before the defense.


FIFA 17: Although defend one against one

1- Do not indulge yourself and try to contain your opponent

First board to defend well in one against one: keep your distance with your vis-à-vis and e do it again to contain the remaining facing the ball (key L2 / LT pressed). If he tries to get past you on one side by speeding, release L2 / LT and speed (R2 / RT)


Conversely, at any time, press again L2 / LT releasing R2 / RT to slow down and anticipate a sudden change in direction of your opponent. Try if possible to intervene while standing and protecting your ball (always with L2 / LT).

2- Give time to other players back to defend

While you contain your direct opponent, ask one of your teammates to press the ball carrier with the R1 / RB button. Once a player is close enough to the action, press L1 / LB to take control and try to intervene.


3- Go ultra defensive mode

Hope for the support of your teammates, use the left and right arrow key to change the mentality of your team and go into defensive or Ultra Defense Invalid. This will force the other players back to defend. Consider re-edit this setting, after completing the action to start forward.


FIFA 17: Good defending at corners

The corners are always difficult to defend on two particular situations that occur regularly at online parties.

1- While defending at corners played 2

80% of online corners are two . Is the second player is already at the corner spot, in this case one of your defenders will automatically present a few meters from the ball. Either your opponent will call one of his teammates will sprint to the corner flag. In this case, select the nearest defender and put you closer to the corner point.

At the referee whistle, so your opponent takes the corner in two phases and will:

- Either try to go on dribbling along the line , in this case trying to contain it (see tips to defend one against one)

- Or attempt to bypass your defense if the player is fast, in this case press the remote control with your defender AI (R1 / RB) key as you select another one of your players to come and cut off its trajectory. In both cases, do not throw you.

- Either directly or center with its second player came in support . If the center is directed towards the surface, trust your defenders to win in the air, or your guardian for successful output.

Here is a video in English explaining the different techniques to mark a corner. Note that the lack of dribbling along the line.


2- While defending at corners back to the edge of the area

It happens regularly online your opponents  do pretended to play the corner to Reims, 2 therefore, to attract one of your defenders, and that of ecides finally centering on one of his players remained alone in the axis of the object just at the entrance to the surface.

It's been years that this trick works and many players are abusing on FIFA17. The only way to counter this kind of action is to manually select one of your offensive players with the R3 wheel and force him to stand in front of the surface , as in this image.

The other advantage is that it is ideally placed to receive any releases of the head in the line of your defenders.



3- While defending the corner, check the outputs your guardian

To extend your guard, and hold the Triangle or Y button. Please do not send your guardian too far from his line leaving the empty cages. We have defined the air outlet area of ​​your goal. A cross your own risk, taking into account the quality and size of your guardian.


If you realize that the ball is too far away for your guardian can capture / release; click twice quickly Triangle or Y to automatically return to its line. 

4- While defending at corners: marking

The AI default chooses the players marking . It is possible to end up with a small defender facing opponent dominating the 3 heads, or one of your central defenders is completely eccentric. In both cases, take the hand manually (knob R3) on the player you want to move to position it in the right place in your defense.

5- While defending at corners: the right timing of the head

For your defender is needed from head to clear the camp, you must press Square (PS4) or X (XboxOne) in the right timing. Neither too early - your player will jump prematurely and lobbed the ball - or too late - it will be regularly beaten in the air by an opponent's play. Difficult to give a landmark to jump at the right time, but the idea is to press the button in the middle of the path.

6. While defending the corner, pass your opponent

That sounds logical and even EA explains in his video tutorial on "How to defend the corners" . Still, it is not always clear and that you need to elbow and L2 / LB key to try to impose.

As for the technique of Super-Cancel  (L2 / R2 or LT / RT pressed simultaneously) you sometimes read on some forum FIFA 17, honestly, it was not able to reproduce this kind of stage set. You will perhaps more successful than us.

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